How the Great Bike Giveaway Works

The Great Bike Giveaway will be hosted on Each type of adaptive bike will have its own dedicated contest page. Visitors are then able to view the different types of adaptive bikes available, choose which bike will best fit their child’s needs, and enter the appropriate contest. (Participants may only enter to win one bike).

Joining the Contest (new for 2016)

Only the first 600 registrants to enter will be part of the Great Bike Giveaway. Our goal is that all 600 participants should receive an adaptive bike. To enter the contest you will need to complete the following requirements:
  1. Be one of the first 600 registrants to complete the registration form. The form will ask you to select your bike, submit contact information, provide a high resolution picture and include text describing why your child needs a bike.
  2. Recruit 10 ambassadors to help you:
    1. Spread the word about the Great Bike Giveaway.
    2. Get donations to add more bikes into the contest.
    3. Get votes to help your child win a bike outright.
Once you complete the above requirements, you can get ready for the Great Bike Giveaway

The Great Bike Giveaway is an UNContest

Our real goal is that we raise enough money so that all 600 participants receive an adaptive bike, In the event that not enough funds are raised, we will have a contest format to determine which participants receive an adaptive bike.


Each bike contest begins with two bikes that are to be given away. Donations will be accepted and all proceeds will go towards adding more bikes to the Great Bike Giveaway. This increases the chances of each child entered that has been entered into the contest. Our hope is that we receive enough donations to give away 600 bikes.

2 Ways to Win

In the event that we are unable to give away bikes to all 600 participants there will be two ways entrants can win a bike.

Most Votes

One bike in each contest will be given away to the entry with the most votes. Votes are received from friends and family clicking the “vote button” on your personal page.

Bike Raffle

All the remaining bikes will be placed in a drawing. To be eligible for the drawing, each submission must have 100 votes or more. By asking people for votes, participants will draw more visitors to the Great Bike Giveaway Contest and increase the amount of donations. This in-turn will add more bikes to the raffles and give more children with special needs a chance to win a special bike.


At the close of the contest, the entry with the most nominations in each bike contest will win a bike. A drawing will be held to determine the winners of the remaining adaptive bikes in each contest.

The Details

February 29, 12:00pm

Registration for the Great Bike Giveaway opens.

March 8, 12:00pm

Contest begins.

March 30, 11:59am

Contest ends.

March 31

Bike Drawing (Drawing date is tentative and subject to change) will be held and winners will be announced. If enough money is raised to give away bikes to every participant, a drawing will not be held. *All times are Eastern Time