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The Great Bike Give Away is rasing money to give bikes to 600 children with special needs. Here are their stories.

Calvin K
Our son Calvin is 3 years old and full of spirit and energy. He was born with a very rare brain deformity called Semi-Lobar Holoprosencephaly (HPE). This has effected all aspects of Calvin's cognitive, physical, sensory, and emotional deveopment. However it has not effected his bright, charming, and all around charismatic personality. His determination is unbelievable and when he is faced with a challenge such as picking up his favorite chewy tube he will NOT stop until he gets it!! When Calvin was 18 months old our physical therapist put him in an adaptive car with a big red button he could press to make it go. WOW this was a game changer for him. His face light up like a Christmas tree because this was the first time he had been mobile on his own!! My heart melted and I knew then we had to get him on the move no matter what. Having a bike that he could help propel and have the positive affects of freedom along with the physical strength building would mean the world to him!
Colt S
Colt has a Neuro genetic disorder, Angelman Syndrome. He has seizures, no speech, and struggles with muscle tightening and spasticity. He mostly crawls to get around and his leg muscles have suffered because of it. He'd love to have something he can propel himself and control where he goes while strengthening his leg muscles.
Presley N
Presley suffered air embolism to the heart and brain going into cardiac arrest for 51 min. Her life was changed forever. This would make my Daughter Presley extreamly happy, she deserves to get out more and see more of what the world looks like, not being able to speak amongst many other struggles this would absolutely put a smile to her face. We are a family adjusting to a different way of life, but that doesnt mean it cant still have rainbows and butterfly's. This would be a wonderful way to help Presley enjoy life. Shes made so many accomplishments this would be such an awsome reward for her. Thank you?
Vincent A
Vinny is 13 years old with hydrocephalus, seizure disorder, and autism. He is ambulatory and loves to be outside. He used to ride a small child's bike with training wheels but has outgrown those models. He longs to be outside and be mobile. The Flaghouse model perfectly suits his needs and would fulfill his desires of being able to go on a bike ride with the family. He doesn't have a great variety of interests, but bike riding is definitely one of them. To be able to give him this gift and see his smile and joy when riding his bike would be priceless.
Raiden R
My son is not able to peddle or even hold on to handle bars, this bike would be great, since we are a big biking family. Unfortunately right now, one us always had to stay home with our son, so we can never ride together as a complete family. :(
Dontavis E
My son is 9 years old. He was born a micro preemie (1 lb 4 oz) to a mom who was intellectually disabled and ill, and couldn't take care of herself or her child. He went into foster care at birth, and ended up in a neglectful setting. We adopted him when he was five. He has Cerebral Palsy, Autism, a seizure disorder, and Amblyopia. He wears bilateral AFO's for for walking and foot stability. He is intellectually disabled. My son attends a special school, and rides an adaptive bike at school, so I know he would enjoy one at home. An adaptive bike at home would give him a great source of exercise, a way to socialize with the neighbor children, as well as a way to relax after working hard at school all day. Please consider my son for the great bike giveaway. He had a very rough start in life, and we are doing everything we can to give him a great rest of his life! Thank you so much for doing this!
Naomi P
Naomi is a beautiful and vibrant young lady. She has cerebral palsy affecting all four limbs and her core. Her primary diagnosis also comes with secondary conditions that challenge Naomi's health and test her spirit. However, Naomi always proves that she is a fighter. It is not yet possible for her to tell us in words how much she loves being outside and having the wind in her hair, but the sparkle in her eye and the mega-watt smile says it all. Naomi has drive that is unmatched. She faces obstacles with a fantastic attitude and inspires all around her. Having an adaptive bike at home would give Naomi the chance to feel empowered and strong. She would be safe and happy enjoying a staple childhood activity that her father and I dream of for her. It is a challenge to provide all of the physical experiences Naomi needs to keep her muscles healthy, but a bike would help ensure that Naomi has the option to be out of her chair and feeling the thrill of independence we know she strives for.
David A
When my son David was born I had nothing but high hopes for him, little league, flag football, riding a bicycle and growing up to have a normal wonderful life. At the age of 1 he was diagnoised with developmental delay and later at the age of 10 re-diagnoised with a rare chromosome disorder. He is non-verbal and mentally challenged with hypotonia, which makes it diffiucult for him to walk long distance, let alone ride a bike. He just recently had spinal fusion surgery for scoliosis and has recovered well. David is the most loving kid you'll ever meet, his smile brings nothing but joy to those who are around him. David needs an adaptive bike to be able to enjoy riding and not be excluded because of his disability. This will provide him a theraputic benefit for his sensory issues and letting him experience what we take for granted, the wind blowing through our hair and the joy we get from riding a bicycle.
Sarah P
Sarah had meningitis when she was just six weeks old and as a result had a very severe brain injury. We were told she would be at the level of a newborn for the rest of her life but, she has proven everyone wrong and is learning new words every week and even takes a few steps. Unfortunately, her father has a rare form of muscular dystrophy he developed about 10 years ago. He is a quadraplegic but, still loves to go outside in his power wheelchair with me, Sarah and her brother and sister. Having a bike where I could pedal and Sarah could ride along and still get exercise in her legs would be amazing. It would also allow all of us as a family to go on long bike rides through parks and our neighborhood. We don't usually get to spend time together as a family outside the house so that would be so amazing for our family with a difficult situation. Thank you!