Tyler V needs your help to get a bike!

Do you remember the day you learned to ride a bike? The Great Bike Giveaway is about giving children with special needs the same feeling you had when that shiny new bike arrived at your house.

Why Tyler V Needs a Bike

Tyler V is entered for the AmTryke ProSeries
Tyler is 5 years old and so close to being able to walk. He's pulling to stand and learning to climb onto things. His physical therapist at school has introduced a therpy bike and he is all smiles when riding it. Santa Claus brought him a Radio Flyer for Christmas but he is already too big for it. We would like to carry his school therapy activities into our home life and a bike seems like a great way to get outdoors and show him that these activities are fun as well as therapeutic. Tyler is an inspiring child that has taught us so many lessons about the things we take for granted. We want to afford him every opportunity to do the things that typical kids do. Our other adaptive devices have proven so helpful - adaptive stroller, seating, communication device. We look forward to raising this beautiful boy to reach his full potential.
Ways to Help
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Last but not least, sharing this out to everyone you know will help us receive more donations. With each donation we are closer to getting Tyler V and 599 children an adaptive bike.

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As an ambassador, you can play a very important role in the Great Bike Giveaway. Your support can make a huge difference for every kid hoping to win an adaptive bike. Ambassadors like you help get the word out online, in person, and through local media. Ambassadors can also help raise funds so that we can fulfill our ultimate mission: one bike for each of the 600 entrants in the Great Bike Giveaway. Every kid deserves a bike.

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Be an Ambassador

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  • Help raise funds so more bikes can be given to children with special needs.
  • Ask the media to talk about the Great Bike Giveaway so more people can get involved and all 600 children in the contest can receive a bike.

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1. What is the Great Bike Giveaway?

The Great Bike Giveaway is a campaign started by Friendship Circle of Michigan giving children and teens with special needs an opportunity to win an adaptive bike. The Great Bike Giveaway was started in 2012 and has grown each year. In 2016 we hope to give away 600 adaptive bikes.

2. Why a bike?

Almost every child can recall their first experience learning to ride a bike and the exhilaration and confidence that came with mastering this skill. We believe every child deserves to have that same experience, regardless of their abilities. Adaptive bikes give individuals with special needs independence, exercise and most importantly the chance to be included in bike rides with their friends and family.

3. What are donations used for?

We need your support in giving away adaptive bikes. Donations are used to add more bikes to the Great Bike Giveaway. We hope with your support we will be able to give away 600 bikes. You will also have the opportunity to donate an extra $5. This will be be used to help support and maintain the Great Bike Giveaway going forward.

4. Is this a Contest or a Crowdfunding Campaign?

The answer is a little bit of both. Our goal is that we raise enough money to give away 600 adaptive bikes to all 600 participants in the contest. If we are unable to meet this goal the Great Bike Giveaway will be a contest with chances to win by getting the most votes or by being selected in a drawing. Read the complete rules for a complete explanation of how the contest works.

5. How can I help?

You can help by donating to add more bikes being given away in the Great Bike Giveaway. You can also help by be becoming an ambassador and spreading the word about the Great Bike Giveaway. Learn more about becoming an ambassador here.

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