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Brady has spina bifida, hydrocephalus, club feet, neurological bowel and bladder, is developmentally delayed among many other diagnosis! He's had open heart surgery, 2 shunt surgeries, back surgery, 6 foot surgeries and many more! He loves life, outdoors and people! He has a bike that he has outgrown and the cost is too much for his family! Please vote and give the gift of he would rather be outside and on his bike than just about anything else!


A bike was provided by a private donor.

Nominations have been disabled. Brady has received a bike from a private donor.





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The 2015 Great Bike Giveaway is closed. All donations received will go toward development of next year's Great Bike Giveaway.

By donating you are helping individuals with special needs receive not only a bike, but also the gift of freedom, pride and self-confidence.