The Dresner Foundation Soul Studio currently hosts about 20 artists that are creating amazing works of art using a variety of skills. Below you can learn about our artists as well as view some of their creativity.

Rena Cohen

Rena creates with tenacity and work ethic unrivaled in the studio. Each time she begins a piece, she appears to be on a quest, immersing herself in the materials as if the final composition is waiting to be uncovered. Her movements only ever pause briefly as she considers her next color, building up her strokes to create complex layered works.

Megan Donley

Bright and vibrant perfectly describe both Megan and her art. Megan’s natural tendency toward patterns and repetition offer the perfect platform for her expressions and explorations of color. “What I like most about my art is the colors, vibrant colors make me feel happy. “ The bright colors in Megan’s work are a true expression of her effervescent personality. “My favorite thing about art is that you can express yourself”.

Andy Feinberg

Andy has an insatiable curiosity about fibers. He explores the yarns and selects and array of varying color and texture. He does not prefer structured, pre-planning of his pieces but rather lets them unfold spontaneously as he weaves. “I like to learn how to do new kinds of art. Art makes me feel special because I’m learning to do new things.” Andy’s art is an expression of his individuality and inquisitive spirit.

Nick Gammicchia

Nick finds inspiration in the stories and characters that compose the world of Disney as well as the craft used to portray it. Cartooning as a mode of storytelling allows Nick to explore and define his own narratives, at times comical than terrifying. “When people see my art, I want them to feel happy, then scared. Good art takes you through all the emotions.” Nick is also invested in researching the history of his art form, often naming legendary Disney conceptual artists such as Mary Blair as his inspiration. Through his artwork, Nick melds fiction with real emotion to illustrate what is worth living for – a happy ending.

Stephanie Harris

To Stephanie, art and story-telling are inseparable. Stephanie is energized by the opportunity to merge important events in her life into her creative process, rendering expressive and vivid paintings that capture specific moments and narratives she wishes to share. Stephanie’s process offers a juxtaposition to the carefully chosen subject matter behind each of her pieces, as she paints and draws with abandon, preferring large movements and loose gestures to tell her visual stories.

Becky Hulverson

Becky is a meticulous artist who works without pencils or sketches, preferring to create her finished pen drawings in one take. Simple but precise lines along with carefully chosen detail lend a clean but whimsical quality to her pieces. Becky’s presence in the studio is a stark contrast to her careful and intimate artwork. Boisterous and energetic, Becky is a constant source of humor and interaction to her fellow artists.

Jared Hyman

Jared weaves in a calm, almost meditative fashion, perfectly regulating his movements to maintain the utmost consistency in his work. It is as if he is responding to the unique personality and voice of each individual thread. “Making something makes me feel good.” This sense of peace he displays as he weaves is carried over into each finished piece with a projection of calm energy and restorative inspiration.

David Kole

David is in a period of transition and evolution as an artist. Having become experienced and confident with the laser cutter, he is now exploring his own unique style as an artist, imbuing his laser cut designs with personality and originality. David takes great pride in his work, and is enjoying experimenting with other forms of art to expand his offerings on the laser cutter.

Ian Lennox

Ian is very explorative in his process, and enjoys experimenting with new fibers and techniques. He is a thoughtful artist who speaks of the power of human hands and energy. His pieces are more than just examples of technical achievement, but are imbued with the expression of his own ideas and emotion that enrich each piece beyond it’s practical value.

Akiva (Lea) Pollock

Akiva’s approach to art is a true reflection of his approach to life – bold, adventurous, and unabashed. Akiva has eagerly experimented in nearly every media available to him, throwing himself fully into each process. “To me it’s really cool how a couple jars of paint can become a picture, or a few strings can become a blanket, scarf, or rug.” Akiva is proudly a self-described nerd, and much of his art reflects his enthusiasm for that culture.

Lindsay Pringel

Lindsay is excited about every phase of the creative process – choosing the subject matter, selecting materials, and experimenting with new techniques. She diligently works at her process as her artworks unfold to her consistent delight. Lindsay’s artwork is often portraiture based, “I like to draw and paint people who are happy. I want people to look at my happy faces and feel happy too.”

Devorah Newman

Devorah enjoys making woven pieces that are both beautiful and functional. Her exciting use of color and texture imbues each piece with tributes to her own personal style. She is methodical in her weaving practice, but never stagnant. She is consistently delighted as she sees the fibers, each with their own character, developing into patterns as she weaves.

Noah Sriro

Noah enjoys keeping the fiber studio organized and running smoothly. Ian is a natural enhancer, he engages his studio mates in conversation and not only facilitates but appreciates that the weaving process is quite often a social one that is best explored communally. Noah’s greatest joy in the studio, aside from his pleasurable verbal commentary, is the exploration of texture, offering interesting and unusual variation in his weaving.

Casandra Thomas

Cassandra is an expressive artist, promoting themes of love, endurance, and courage. Her powerful artwork mirrors her inner strength, utilizing bold lines and vibrant color to give voice to the cultural statements she conveys. Like her personality, her artwork is an enjoyable blend of playful whimsy and assertive presence.

Aislinn Wendrow

Aislinn is an inspiringly process focused multi-media artist. She enjoys the movement of her body engaged in her work, whether weaving, wrapping, or painting. Aislin’s artwork is an expression of the rhythm she finds in each moment as she interacts with each element in a unique way, creating works that are almost a byproduct of her personal relationship with her materials.

Sam Morris

Sam lives his life with a contagious joyfulness and appreciation for his environment. His artwork is a very direct expression of that joy, and reflection of the world around him. “What I love most about art is creating colors. Colors are important to me, like for example blue feels sunshiny and huggable, like having my shades open on a bright sunny day. When I make art it makes me feel so good, I hope my art makes other people feel so good. I want to inspire people.”

Abigail Rebenstock

Abigail’s fascination with fabric and yarn make her very comfortable in the fiber arts studio. She is at ease on the loom and finds the creative process of weaving extremely satisfying. “I like that it doesn’t have to have boundaries, anyone of any ability can make something beautiful.” Filled with capability and confidence, Abigail is a natural teacher and helper to her fellow artists in the fibers studio and plans to turn this natural ability into a career, “In the fall I’m planning to study interdisciplinary early childhood development. Eventually, I want to teach using art in the classroom.”