About the Farber Center

Since 1994, Friendship Circle’s mission has been to give children with special needs friendship and inclusive opportunities. Blessed by the warm embrace and generous support of the community, Friendship Circle operates a widely emulated, state-of-the-art educational & activity center. Friendship Circle now has over 700 teen and adult volunteers and serves thousands of families with children who have special needs.

Upon graduation from Friendship Circle programming, many adults with challenges find themselves socially isolated – without an outlet or employment. The Farber Center is home to the Dresner Foundation Soul Studio and Soul Cafe, which provides a loving and inclusive environment for artistic self-expression, vocational training, and employment opportunities.

The Farber Center is built upon Friendship Circle’s mission of inclusion that uncovers the talents and reveals the soul of each individual. The Farber center gives adults with special needs the opportunity to be active, productive and most importantly, included members of society.