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Tuesday, May 2nd

The Benefits of Self-Care for the Selfless Caregiver

Put your oxygen mask on first— before helping your child… While we have heard this before and it makes sense in theory, a vast majority of parents are quick to override this direction and tend to their child’s every needs— before their own.

As with many roles in life, being a parent is complicated, and at times, contradictory. It is further compounded when there are unique circumstances added to the family dynamic. While our primal instincts are fiercely self-sacrificing when it comes to our children, this is not always the most productive and effective way to tend to and parent our children.

The irony is that to truly be selfless [in the moment and fully available to the little ones], it is optimal and imperative to practice, dare I say, selfish, self-care – physically, mentally and emotionally. It taps into the wisdom that to truly love another, you have to first love thyself.

This seminar will focus on the importance of self-care as well as ways you can provide self care.

This course is approved by the Michigan Social Work Continuing Education Collaborative. Course approval #: 100317-03. 2 hours of Continuing Education Collaborative (CEU) Credits for social work are available for this course.

Diane Isaacs

Diane Isaacs applies her award-winning producing experience to create programs and content for The Miracle Project, a transformational theater arts program for children with autism, which was featured in the two-time Emmy Award-winning HBO documentary AUTISM: The Musical.

With Elaine Hall, her Miracle Project partner, Isaacs co-wrote Seven Keys to Unlock Autism (Wiley, Nov 2011), which offers educators, parents, and other caregivers actionable techniques to teach children of all abilities—including "seemingly unreachable" children on the autism spectrum.

A conference presenter and motivational speaker, Isaacs facilitates workshops for The Miracle Project and the Seven Keys both nationally and internationally, including in India and Africa. As a mother of son with special needs, she uses creative storytelling to motivate and inform audiences to see how autism is "awesomism," and she uniquely integrates her diverse life experiences as an All-American world-class triathlete, entertainment executive, and nutritional/yoga/meditation expert into her inspirational presentations.