The Daniel B. Sobel Friendship House provides support and guidance to individuals and families struggling with isolation and other life crises, such as addiction, through a welcoming Jewish recovery community that offers friendship, support, and a variety of programs that facilitate lasting success.
The first step on the path to healing is coming out of isolation. At Daniel B. Sobel Friendship House, we open our arms to welcome individuals who feel that they have been isolated from the community because of their condition. Our Recovery Rabbi and our program director offer personalized recovery plans tailored to each individual’s need and unconditional acceptance of every member.
Our supportive Jewish recovery community has a variety of ways for members to participate, including 12-step meetings, one-on-one peer support, Friday night dinners, spirituality classes, and holiday celebrations.
We believe that lasting recovery from addiction, isolation and other life crises is founded in spirituality, and we offer a Jewish spiritual component that complements traditional 12-step programs. Many of our participants find that their Judaism and their recovery are enhanced by their involvement in our community and their relationship with our Recovery Rabbi.
Studies have shown that support is an important ingredient in any successful recovery program. Friendship House offers peer leadership opportunities for successful members in active recovery to reach out to those who are still suffering.
The Road to Recovery
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