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Rachael Wurtman J.D., M.S, is a Special Education Attorney. She graduated from Barnard College of Columbia University and the Law School at the University of Pennsylvania, and she has a master’s degree in child development from Wheelock College. Prior to starting her Special Needs Consulting practice, she worked as an attorney and as an early intervention developmental specialist. She is also an experienced family mediator. To learn more or to request a consultation, see her website at rwurtman.com

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Department of Education Outlines “Best Practices” for Restraint and Seclusion of Students with Special Needs

In December 2016, the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) of the US Department of Education released a significant policy statement on the subject of restraint and seclusion at school. The OCR is the divisio...

Purim, Passover, and Autism Spectrum Disorder: Recognizing and Dealing with the Challenges

The Jewish holiday of Purim starts next week; a month later, Passover will arrive. These holidays can be very stressful for children and adolescents who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and for the...

U.S. Department of Education Publishes New Transition Guide to Postsecondary Education and Employment for Students and Youth with Disabilities

Transition planning is a mandatory aspect of special education service delivery, according to federal special education law (IDEA 20 U.S.C. 1400). Federal law requires that school special education te...