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Michael Cipielewski joined Friendship Circle in 2010 as Social Media Manager. He is a "Compassion Advocate," having supported / worked with organizations like To Write Love on Her Arms, Sustain Lane, Potomac Highlands CWPMA, and others. Ideas for future blogs? email [email protected]

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Unemployment remains high for individuals with disabilities

The Department of Labor reports 150,000 new jobs last month, though these jobs have had little effect on the unemployment rate of Americans wit disabilities. ...

80% Divorce Rate for parents with a child who has autism?

New studies debunk the frequently quoted statistic that 80 percent of parents with autistic children are divorced, reporting findings much lower. ...

Assistive Technology: Special Education now in App Store

Apple opened an App Store section to showcase tools for special needs. Friendship Circle students use these mobile apps, like Proloquo2go & iPrompts....