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Karen Wang is a Friendship Circle parent. You may have seen her sneaking into the volunteer lounge for ice cream or being pushed into the cheese pit by laughing children. She is a contributing author to the anthology "My Baby Rides the Short Bus: The Unabashedly Human Experience of Raising Kids With Disabilities"

Posts by Karen

10 Medical Alert Options For Families With Special Needs

A medical alert bracelet or necklace can provide crucial information for first responders to make sure that the right care is delivered at the very moment when it’s needed the most. ...

The Art of IEP Diplomacy

During IEP season the stakes are high. Parents and teachers alike go into those meetings full of emotions and ideas. Diplomacy is the art of prioritizing alliances over battles, and it means walking...

Behavior Translation: 11 Examples Of What Behavior Really Means

Behavior is communication. But sometimes behavior is a foreign language that needs to be translated - it may mean something different from what it appears to mean. What does your behavior dictionary...