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Jennifer Greening, Ed.S. is the author of Opening Doors, Opening Lives: Creating awareness of advocacy, inclusion, and education for our children with special needs. Her book is used in university classes across the country. It received positive reviews from the Autism Society of Michigan and was awarded 2010 Best Books Award Finalist by USA Book News. Visit her website at

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Don’t Call Me At Home: Effective Communication with your child’s special educators

They way I want my child's teachers to communicate with me: Don't call me out home or send me long emails. Just talk to me. ...

A conversation about inclusion: What is your opinion?

What is your opinion on Including your child with special needs in neurotypical classroom? Jennifer shares a conversation she had with two mothers....

Special needs Parents: Don’t forget about your spouse

Taking care of a child with special needs can take up much of your life. Don't forget spend time with your spouse and keep him or her an active part of your life and family....