Program Teaches Journalism To Children With Asperger Syndrome

Journalism Program for childrens with Asperger syndrome

PBS News Hour covered a story about their own tradecraft. News has an agenda in Worrall Elementary School, where reporters with Asperger’s syndrome are routinely pulled from their classrooms to learn the basics of journalism. Their teachers say producing a newscast is one of the best ways for their students to learn how to speak clearly, work together, build confidence … and become school celebrities all at the same time.

This appears to be the first program of its kind in the country. What do you think about such a program? Would it be helpful? Would you request that your school start such a program? Tell us what you think in the comments below.Journalism Program for childrens with Asperger syndrome


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  • Middy Matthews

    This is brilliant. Above and beyond that… they would make GREAT journalists, as a journalist usually has to learn to be neutral, they would naturally be.

  • Kay Locke

    As the mother of two girls both with AS I really like this, confidence and self esteem promoted in the children learning real life skills helped by creative staff. My oldest never made it to ‘special school’ and is now studing in University but my youngest is in a ‘special school’ and the staff work so hard. I hope that staff at the school see this video the children all look as if tey are really engaged and not stressed. Thank you so much for sharing .