Boy with Cerebral Palsy featured on HBO hockey show

Liam Traynor

For true Hockey fans 24/7 on HBO is must see TV. For the second straight year HBO ran a four part reality show that tells the story of hockey life in between games. This year the spotlight shines on the New York rangers and the Philadelphia Flyers as they prepare for the Winter Classic, the only outdoor hockey game played all year. The show contains footage of team meetings, practices, player downtime and other scenes that your average fan would’nt usually see. In this segment HBO documents the relationship between the New York Rangers coach John Tortorella and 10 year old Rangers Fan Liam Traynor, a rabid rangers fan who has cerebral palsy. Liam and Coach Tortorella first met through the Garden of Dreams Foundation and their friendship is as strong as ever. Watch the video above and tell us what you think!


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