Lives Worth Living: New PBS Documentary about the disability rights movement

Lives Worth Living

For years individuals with special needs where institutionalized, locked away in mental institutions and never seen again.

Lives Worth Living is a documentary that tells the story of the Disability Rights Movement through the life of Fred Fey.

Fred Fay survived a devastating spinal cord injury when he was only 16, and turned his misfortune into a movement for equality. With a small group of dedicated activists, he spearheaded the disability rights movement and changed the face of American society.

The documentary premiers on PBS on October 27th

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  • ann dart washington

    I am so thrilled that PBS is doing this! I cannot wait to see it on Oct. 27th! Lead On!

  • Robin Sizemore

    If only all the children in the world had a voice…  thank you for this inspiring and informative documentary.  Sadly, there are children all over the world still suffering.  I hope this voice will be loud and heard.   

  • Vanessa Kachadurian

    The Children of America need homes, we are in drastic need of more foster care families and adoptive families for these special children.  Please consider one of the 130,000 paper ready American children for a Fost to Adopt.