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BY Bassie

Defeat The Label Video Contest

Defeat The Label

This week, seven local high schools led by our volunteer club presidents created their own PSA for our brand new Defeat the Label Movement.

The high schools are competing against each other in a “view-a-thon.” The video with the most views wins a party for their friends, compliments of The Friendship Circle. View the video submissions and make sure to “share” your favorite with friends & family.


Each year, our teen volunteers fundraise for their annual overnight party called, “Wake-A-Thon.” This year, the funds raised from Wake-A-Thon will support the Defeat the Label Movement. These PSA’s will serve as a tool to garner funds for the volunteer’s individual fundraising campaigns. Make sure to support your favorite volunteer not only through sharing their video, but also through donating to their campaign.

To donate:

  1. Go to the Friendship Circle donation page
  2. Select your donation amount and fill in your information
  3. Where it says I would like to include a tribute select yes
  4. Fill out the name of the volunteer and where the tribute should be sent
  5. Click continue and submit your payment information

Thank you for helping to Defeat The Label!


Written on January 18, 2011 by:

Bassie Shemtov founded Friendship Circle together with her husband Levi. Bassie is always looking for ways to enhance the lives of children with special needs while providing relief to their families and empowering teen volunteers.

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