High School holds Kickball Tournament to benefit Friendship Circle [VIDEO]

Kickball Tournament

I was elated last month when a group of sophomore and juniors approached me, in a very mature fashion, to discuss a club they were founding at their high school. Their “Friendship Club” embodies the spirit of The Friendship Circle message by promoting advocacy and nonjudgmental throughout their high school.

Just two weeks ago, the Andover High School “Friendship Club” hosted their first fundraiser at The Friendship Circle. Typical teens, teens with special needs, parents, students and teachers gathered in our Elkus Gym for a friendly, fun game of kickball. Check out the video below for a recap.

In our opinion, this kickball game is our greatest measure of success. These teens became deeply empowered from their experiences at The Friendship Circle. And it was their passion for social change that led them to truly “own” our mission and run with it in their own unique way.

If you have any great, inspiring ideas to spread the mission of The Friendship Circle, please contact us anytime at (248) 788-7878 or Bassie@FriendshipCircle.org.

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