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Tzvi Schectman
BY Tzvi Schectman

That Annoying Kid

Have you ever walked into a restaurant to have a quiet peaceful meal and there is an annoying kid next to you?
Watch what happens.

Tzvi Schectman

Written on June 8, 2010 by:

Tzvi Schectman is the Family Coordinator for the Friendship Circle of Michigan and the Editor of the the Friendship Circle Blog. You can connect with Tzvi on LinkedIn and Google+
  • neshama

    thanks for sharing.Continue the good work!

  • Thank you so much for posting this video. I teared up when I saw Jordan being so warmly accepted at the other restaurant. Kudos to the Friendship Circle and all the people who help out.

  • Mary

    I have an annoying son too..He is a wonderful annoying kid and I am crying over this..Thank you for sharing this wonderful story…

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  • Annette Pines

    I am a grandmother of 6 working as a home health nurse. How do I volunteer?

  • Cary

    Now that’s a great story!! There are some great shots — kudos to who ever shot it and edited it. It does a great job of showing what FC is all about!! Jordan is such an amazing kid.

  • Give us a call:) 248 788 7878

  • Sarah

    I was moved to tears… I was just at the store yesterday & a child pulled
    the pacifier away from my baby… The mother excused herself &  told me
    that her child was AUTISTIC… I did not realize what autistic children go
    through until now. Thanks for posting!

  • Amy

    This video gives me chills every time I watch it…I hope everyone is able to see this video and be inspired…It is true that unless you are directly involved in the lives of children and families like this you have no idea what it is really like.  I am so proud to be a part of such a wonderful organization that is making such a great impact in the lives of so many people.

  • Dr. Brandon A. West

    Great organization !!!   Wonderful to work with everybody on this project !!!!

  • Madison

    I’m also crying.  As a former friendship circle volunteer, and someone who will always have a place for friendship circle in her heart, it brings me such great joy to hear stories like this.  What an inspirational story.  Thank you for sharing, and thank you Friendhip Circle for making all of this possible.

  • Counselor C.

    Best 7 minutes anyone can ever watch….  we all know a Jordan, and if you don’t, you should.  I do.

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  • Darlene

    Thank you for sharing I know how you feel I have 2 children with special needs and an adult son with autism. Your video makes us a little stronger.


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