Friendship Bakery The Friendship Bakery is a social enterprise for young adults with special needs. The program teaches skills that will enable its participants to qualify for a job in the food service industry.
The Friendship Bakery is a transitional program which is dedicated to preparing its participants for securing and maintaining a job in the community, specifically within the restaurant business. Each week the group meets in a professional kitchen and bakes delicious challah. The bakers acquire skills such as measuring, identification and correct use of ingredients and equipment, kitchen safety and cleanliness, and basic business management. The Bakery is a warm, vibrant and happy place where each participant learns and grows while having a great time.
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The Friendship Bakery is a transitional program which is dedicated to preparing its participants for securing and maintaining a job in the community, specifically within the restaurant business. A majority of the preparation process will be done independently, with Friendship Circle staff checking steps and providing additional support. There will be a couple volunteers on hand to assist when necessary.

The Bakery Staff

Rivki Mann has been a volunteer with Friendship Circle since 1996. As the Bakery Manager, she comes with extensive educational and managerial experience from her 15 years as a teacher and program developer in schools and non-profit organizations in Houston, New York, Detroit and London.

Katharina Walsh has been working with adults with developmental disabilities from a young age, holding positions from care-taker to baker’s assistant to Skills Building Technician, as well as working with community development projects and helping at-risk youth in summer employment programs.

Kim Kaplan joins the Friendship Circle Bakery with over 33 years experience teaching students in Cognitive Impaired Classrooms. She also specializes as an expert presenter in Autism/ASD Awareness, Inclusion, Behavioral Strategies, and Special Education. Kim will ensure acquisition of conversational, communication, and life skills throughout the course of program.

Who is it for:

This program is tailored for independent young adults with special needs who do not require a 1-on-1 volunteer.

The Details:

The Friendship Bakery will meet once a week at Milk & Honey’s catering kitchen located in the JCC. Participants will learn the process of baking challah bread, as well as basic business skills, including marketing and sales. The Friendship Bakery will have its challah sold at local stores, so participants will be responsible for baking the challah on schedule to meet demand. Program Capacity: 10 participants


Participants of the Bakery will acquire and develop these skills:
Baking Skills
  • Measuring and pouring
  • Identification and correct use of ingredients and equipment
  • Following a recipe
  • Kneading and rolling out dough
  • Braiding the challah
  • Pre-heating and using an oven
  • Using a scale for accurate weights
Life Skills
  • Hand washing
  • Kitchen safety
  • Time management
  • Scheduling
  • Hygiene
  • Cleaning up after oneself
Social Skills
  • Communicating in a job environment
  • Learning about job etiquette
  • Delegation of tasks
  • Group work
Business Skills
  • Basic business management
  • Marketing a product
  • Sales to local business and private buyers
  • Deliveries
  • Restaurant work


Winter Session:

January 7,14, 21, 28 February 4, 11, 18, 25 March 3, 10, 17, 31

Friday Sales Program

January 8,15, 22, 29 February 5, 12, 19, 26 March 4, 11, 18 April1

Spring Session:

April 7,14 May 5, 12, 19 June 2, 9, 16, 23

Friday Sales Program

April 8,15 May 6, 13, 20 June 3, 10, 17, 24
All Classes meet from 4:30pm-7:30pm. Fee is $275 per session.
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Each week the Friendship Bakery bakes fresh Challah which is available for purchase and pick up at $4 each. You can also pre-pay for your pick up online using the form below.
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